Futsal Fanatics is a party for anyone big and small wanting to challenge their friends in skills competitions, futsal and a few other games up our sleeve!

Want us to add something extra to our lineup? Let us know, we will cater the party to the skillset of your guests, ensuring loads of fun.

All you need to do is bring your friends, teammates, co-workers or families and we will get the party started!

  • Cost: $250+HST
  • 2 hours at the facility including (this can be adjusted if you would like more time)
    • 20 minutes guest arrival/introduction
    • 1 hour play time
    • 5 minutes wrap up
    • eating time
  • 20 player maximum
  • host provided to run the games/skills competitions or just play a game of futsal
  • pinnies, balls, agility obstacles, shooting target mat, goals, scoreboard and surround sound stereo
  • Futsal shoes free to borrow
  • spectator area
    • wi-fi, closed circuit and cable television

Futsal Fanatics Parties

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  • Rain or shine
  • Fully air conditioned and heated
  • Ages 7+

We are currently accepting bookings for

June, July and August.

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